Dr. Bielawski is skilled in evaluating and treating the whole


A Little About Acupuncture Services :

Acupuncture has been used to successfully evaluate and treat
many conditions for years in all types of horses. The goal is to
evaluate and treat the horse as a whole, taking into consideration
as many factors as necessary including personality, condition of
the hooves, condition of the teeth, tack fit, discipline of choice,
training methods, fitness, nutrition and turnout.

Owner/rider/trainer perception of the "issue in question"  is very
important and is often discussed at length.
After discussing the problem, the horse will be examined ,
palpated and possibly evaluated in motion.
Saddle fit is evaluated, condition of teeth and hooves are also
discussed. The horse will then be treated with acupuncture
needles, which often are even more slender than a human hair.
Some treatments will include aquapuncture, or

*A quiet time of the day is best for optimal results and for the
comfort of the horse








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A Little About Tampa Bay Equine Practice:
Tampa Bay Equine Practice is a mobile veterinary practice owned and
operated by licensed Veterinarian Dr. Nancylee Bielawski. Tampa Bay
Equine is based out of Zephyrhills and is devoted to equine work. The focus
is  on evaluating and treating the horse as a whole using a blend of accepted
regular and complementary modalities. The coverage area includes Pasco,
Hillsborough, Hernando, Sumter, Pinellas and Polk counties.

-Routine Services (vaccines, Coggins, health certificates,wellness exams, pre-
purchase exams, lameness evaluations, joint injections, and more)
-Portable Digital X-Ray Unit
-Portable Digital Ultrasound
-Emergency service
-Chinese herbs

  • Experienced veterinarian performs all exams and treatments.
    Saddle Fit Assessment is included in all acupuncture exams.
  • Mobile practice- your horse is examined and treated in the comfort and
  • security of their own barn.
  • Convenient weekday hours plus evenings and some weekends.
  • Feel free to call or email for appointments, rates and information.
  • Dr. Bielawski is also available for lectures and demonstrations.
"...Dr. Nancylee
Bielawski is one of the
finest equine
professionals I know
and an extremely
professional and
caring practitioner. I
am honored to be her
client and even more
honored to call her my
friend. She is open to
all her clients and I
would say nothing but
great things about her
practice and her
personally.... "

Lizanne Quinn,
Certified Equine
Sports Massage
President Asset
Intervention, Inc.


.....Dr. Nancylee has her
own form of magic.
After a session, Casey
floats in his gaits,
frames up & jumps
more readily, and his
over all attitude is much
happier! Casey loves
Dr. Nancylee and totally
starts to relax under her
touch without even a
needle being inserted....
(more)           Megan
Frazier and "Casey
"...Working in
partnership with my
veterinarian, Dr.
Bielawski has help my
hard working
foxhunters and show
ring hunters stay
comfortable and
increase their
flexibility and ease
stiffness in their
muscles and joints..."

(more) Jill Mills
Two Mills Farm
                Tampa Bay Equine Practice, LLC
~ N A N C Y L E E   B I E L A W S K I,  D. V. M. ~
PO BOX 1239     ZEPHYRHILLS, FLORIDA 33539   cell(352) 812-0042

~Treating the horse as a Whole.~

The mission of my practice is to evaluate and treat every horse as a
whole entity. I feel that I can best accomplish this by using a blend of
accepted veterinary practices. I offer regular veterinary care with
emergency coverage for my clients, in addition to acupuncture and
Chinese herbs.
Please call (352)812-0042 for information and appointments with Dr.

Please feel free to browse around my website and contact me with any questions. I am accessible by phone, email and Facebook. Please  note, the format of this website will be changing in the near future. Please visit again soon.